Assembled data cables

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Patch cable for fast and error-free connections

Assembled data cables are used when fast cabling, minimum error potential and maximum space saving are factors that matter to you. Just like our data cables and data connectors for assembly in the field, assembled data cables cover all common protocol standards and are suitable for telephone, coaxial and low-frequency applications. The one- or two-sided assembly means they offer full flexibility and optimal time saving at the same time.

The laborious field assembly is carried out by the LAPP experts before delivery. For you, this means unpack, plug in and done!

What are assembled data cables?

Assembled data cables are data cables in which our LAPP experts can connect a data connector ex works for you at both ends of the cable or at just one end.

This gives you a data cable that is ready for immediate use, including directly attached data connectors.

Assembled data cables are often also referred to as “pre-assembled data cables”, as the data cable does not need to be assembled with the data connector once it is installed in the field (i.e. at the intended location).

How do assembled data cables differ?

At LAPP, we distinguish for you between data cables for self-assembly and pre-assembled data cables.

  • Data cables (for self-assembly): Are delivered without “moulded” data connectors or data connectors attached in production.
  • Assembled data cables: Are delivered fully assembled, with moulded or attached data connectors in production.

This page exclusively contains information about assembled data cables, i.e. those that we at LAPP have fitted with data connectors for you in the factory.

We differentiate between assembled data cables and optical data cables.

With copper-based data cables, the data connector is injected with plastic to permanently attach to the cable sheath. Such data connectors are also known as "moulded data connectors". Alternatively, copper-based patch cables are also available with manually assembled data connectors. So you have full flexibility and always a solution that is perfectly suited to your application.

For pre-assembled fiber optic cables, on the other hand, the contacts are also manually pre-assembled for you by our LAPP experts.

All other distinguishing features are the same for field-assembled and assembled data cables. This means that you can simply read about them in our section "Data cables".

Where are assembled data cables used?

Standardisation of components, devices, control cabinets, machines and systems in industry has many advantages.

One of these is that the distances and therefore the cabling paths are standardised, especially in control cabinets. For cabling Ethernet or Profinet-capable devices such as switches, NFT devices, controls, IO modules or gateways, you can therefore rely on ready-to-use products with assembled Ethernet patch cables, assembled fiber optic cables or assembled fieldbus cables, which make installation far easier.

In the case of service, this offers you a productive speed advantage.

Assembled fieldbus cables or assembled sensor/actuator cables are often for wiring from control cabinet to machine or machine-to-machine, for example, as a quick and safe solution for long-term and reliable data transmission.

Our graphic below shows one of many ways in which assembled data cables can be used in your application.

Which advantages does the use of assembled data cables have?

Highest flexibilityOur assembled data cables meet common standards and therefore guarantee maximum interoperability, for example in PROFINET-compliant devices. Structural cabling components are also mutually compatible and can therefore be adapted very quickly and diversely.
Great time savingYou save on assembling your data cables on site. Because this is something our LAPP experts have already done for you. Particularly in the case of assembled fiber optic cables that are moulded but rather assembled by hand and are difficult to assemble without special tools and the relevant specialist knowledge.
Lowest potential for errorsOur standardised process and the strictest production standards ensure the quality of our assembled data cables for you. Factory assembly of the data cables by our LAPP experts minimises both errors and your liability risk compared to field-configurable products. Assembled data cables with moulded data connectors also guarantee a high level of watertightness.
Minimal space requirementFor copper-based data cables in particular, the data connector for our assembled data cables occupies much less space than a field assembled data connector. This is moulded and therefore has considerably smaller dimensions.