Prompt supply of our customers throughout the world goes without saying. The Lapp Group has a close knit network of high-tech logistics centres which guarantee absolute customer satisfaction.

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High-performance logistics needs high-performance technology
State-of-the-art information and communication technologies form the backbone of our logistics. Everything is linked online: the telephone order centres are linked to the logistics centres, the logistics centres to the warehouses and the warehouses to our 17 production centres worldwide. The dispatch procedure is underway as soon as the customer has put down the telephone receiver. Shipping details are received the very same day.

Save time and money with the C parts management system
You can considerably reduce your processing costs simply by outsourcing the labour-intensive procurement of small parts, so-called C parts. Although C parts usually count for a purchasing volume of just 20%, in many areas of the material trade they swallow up around 80% of the time and personnel costs.

With Kanban, we are offering you a tailored solution that helps you to significantly reduce your processing costs.