Industrial Communication

IndKommunikation EN 150dpi 23-04-2020

Industrial communication from a single source: From the sensor, actuator and control level to the merchandise management system, we work with you to implement the complete networking for the reliable transmission of the highest data volumes. We focus on quality, because the Internet of Things places high demands on connection technology. Data transmission must be guaranteed at all times in order to avoid scenarios that could lead to production downtimes or even endanger people.

Cables, connectors, switches - at LAPP, customers find a comprehensive portfolio for all applications and protocol standards of industrial communication - from a single source and with LAPP's manufacturing Expertise.

New products spring 2022


The Ethernet cable with AWG26 conductor cross-section is your perfect companion for data communication with short transmission distances. Thanks to its "Fast-Connect" design, it can be assembled quickly and used in drag chains in a highly flexible manner. Choose between a PVC or PUR outer sheath, depending on the environmental conditions in your system.

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Coloured Clips for ETHERLINE® Patchcords

To keep an order in the control cabinet is very important. Especially in switches with recessed sockets and high port density, RJ45 connectors are often difficult to grip. Our clips, which extend the latching lug of the connector, provide a remedy for this. They are also used for colour coding of otherwise identically coloured cables and are suitable for all RJ45 patch cables from LAPP.

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Precise fit due to elongated slot! With this multiple sealing insert, you can easily insert up to four assembled data cables through your cable gland thanks to the longitudinal cut. Depending on the variant, the insert has a different number of optimally sealing pre-drilled holes with a defined clamping area.

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