Industrial Communication

IndKommunikation EN 150dpi 23-04-2020

Industrial communication from a single source: From the sensor, actuator and control level to the merchandise management system, we work with you to implement the complete networking for the reliable transmission of the highest data volumes. We focus on quality, because the Internet of Things places high demands on connection technology. Data transmission must be guaranteed at all times in order to avoid scenarios that could lead to production downtimes or even endanger people.

Cables, connectors, switches - at LAPP, customers find a comprehensive portfolio for all applications and protocol standards of industrial communication - from a single source and with LAPP's manufacturing Expertise.

New products summer 2021



The product name stands for fibre optics + PROFINET + building installation in one! The highly flame-retardant breakout cable with CPR classification is suitable for control cabinet and structured building cabling within PROFINET networks. Both the individual cables inside and the outer sheath impress with halogen-free materials.

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The product name stands for fibre optics + PROFINET + permanent movement in one! The breakout cable combines drag chain, torsion and alternating bending properties and is suitable for moving applications, vibration or torsion within PROFINET networks. Thanks to the PUR outer jacket, the product proves to be particularly durable and robust.

Here you can find the product detail page.