Lapp products learn to communicate through RFID. RFID stands for "Radio Frequency Identification" und enables data to be transferred without contact and without a direct line of sight, via radio waves. Lapp is now making this technology available for cables and connectors.


RFID technology in cables and connectors
The benefits of RFID technology can now also be used for cables and connectors.
 RFID tags and RFID sensors are being integrated into our products at the manufacturing stage. This does not affect their high flexibility and physical durability. This enables data to be collected, saved and prepared for retrieval with a scanner very simply, conveniently and safely.
There are numerous application possibilities –  in product identification, inventory management, for production processes, energy monitoring, temperature and humidity measurements and many more.

Cables and connectors with RFID have the following benefits:

  • RFID tags are specific to the customer and are programmed for their specific application.
  • Durch Integration in den laufenden Produktionsprozess bleiben Flexibilität und Belastbarkeit erhalten
  • Datenspeicher sind wiederbeschreibbar und codierbar
  • Zuverlässiges Messen physikalischer Zustände wie Temperatur, Feuchtigkeit und Dehnung
  • Messprotokolle sind jederzeit und weltweit abrufbar
  • Inventarisierung und Lagermanagement werden optimiert
  • Verfügbarkeit für praktisch alle Anwendungen von Kabeln
  • Plagiatschutz