Catalogues and Flyers

Shortform Catalogue
(PDF 17 MB )
Here you can find a shorter more specific catalogue 20/21 for Lapp Southern Africa
Main catalogue 2020/21
(PDF 58 MB )
Here you can find all products of the main catalogue 2020/21.
e-Business Brochure
(PDF 9 MB )
LAPP Champion
(PDF 355 KB )
LAPP CHAMPION. The CHAMPION among drum dispensers. Lightweight. Durable. Robust.
EPIC® Kits
(PDF 1 MB )
Combined connector sets for either the male or female side.
(PDF 4 MB )
Here you can find useful information about project business by LAPP.
Logistic Solutions
(PDF 5 MB )
How to efficiently handle cable drums and cable rings.
Single core solutions
(PDF 605 KB )
The TRONIC box is the perfect solution for storing, transporting and handling single cores. The TRONIC Single core box is usually used in combination with a compatible single core cart.
Products for photovoltaic 2018/19
(PDF 4 MB )
Find all products concerning photovoltaic.
Innovations 2020
(PDF 2 MB )
Here you can find our last innovations of 2020.
Industrial Data Communication by LAPP
(PDF 19 MB )
The right solution for every application. Digitalisation is already leading to ever increasing datavolumes in production halls.
LAPP solutions for Food & Beverage
(PDF 8 MB )
The strict hygiene and cleanliness requirements that exist in the food processing segment also apply to its machineries and electrical components.
(PDF 6 MB )
In this flyer you will find information on active network components for industrial ethernet systems.
(PDF 1 MB )
The IC Kits from LAPP contain the most important components for setting up your industrial ethernet network at a particularly attractive kit price. The cables, connectors and Switches included enable network installation to be carried out within and between machines.