Supplier self-disclosure information

Supplier self-disclosure information about the U.I. Lapp GmbH

General information about the company

Company: U.I. Lapp GmbH

Address: Schulze Delitzsch Str. 25, 70565 Stuttgart

Phone: 0711/7838-01

Fax : 0711/7838-2640


E-Mail: info[ at ]lappkabel.de

Legal entity: GmbH

Commercial register. no.: Stuttgart HRB 12720

Sales tax no.: DE 147823795

Bank details: BW Bank
Account number: 2409702
Sort code: 60050101
Swift-Code: Sola DEST
IBAN-Nr: DE77 6005 0101 0002 4097 02
D-U-N-S - No: 32-200-9895

Managing Director: Andreas Lapp

CEO: Thomas Holzbaur

Executive Vice President: Josef Holz

Founded in year: 1959

Legal entity: GmbH

Capital: 10 Mio. €

Turnover/budget (Lapp Group):

2009/2010: 633 million €  (consolidated)

Current number of employees:

2.800 worldwide (Lapp Group)
U.I. Lapp GmbH 600 e.

Production sites:

The Lapp Group has 15 active production sites,producing high-quality branded products.

Sales regions: In Germany, 37.

Organisations: 40 sales organisations worldwide.

Outlets: approx. 100 worldwide (Lapp Group)

Sales structure: Over 50 field staff + branch managers.

Industry: Electrical engineering.

Sales routes: processors, e-sales and trade.

Areas of activity: Mechanical and systems engineering, automation engineering, electrical industry, automotive manufacturers, service industry, computer industry, power generation etc.

Product spectrum:

ÖLFLEX® - connection and signal cables

UNITRONIC® - data cables

HITRONIC® - fibre optic cables

SKINTOP® - cable glands

SILVYN® - cable protection and feed systems

EPIC® - industrial connectors

FLEXIMARK® - cable marking systems

ETHERLINE® - components for active networking technology


See general terms of business here

Group affiliation: Lapp Holding AG.

Insurance information:

  • Personal injury and property claims 20.000.000 EUR per case,
    max. twice a year. Excludes recall costs.
  • Personal injury and property claims 30.000.000 EUR per case,
    simple per annum. Excludes recall costs.
  • An extended product liability insurance exists which covers, for example, assembly and disassembly (installation and removal costs) up to an insured sum of EUR 20.000.000.
  • Insurance cover exists worldwide.

Thomas Holzbaur
Tel: 0711/7838-4830
Fax: 0711/7838-3000
E-Mail: thomas.holzbaur(at)lappkabel.de

Executive Vice President
Josef Holz
Tel: 0711/7838-2090
Fax: 0711/7838-9660
E-Mail: josef.holz[ at ]lappkabel.de

Head of Customer Service (internal service)

Barbara Welscher

Tel: 0711/7838-2210

Fax: 0711/7838-4870

E-mail: barbara.welscher[ at ]lappkabel.de

Head of Material management
Dirk Jacobsen
Tel: 0711/7838-2880
Fax: 0711 7838-5810
E-Mail: dirk.jacobsen(at)lappkabel.de

Head of Purchasing

Roger Ganzert

Tel: 0711/7838-6820

Fax: 0711/7838-6230

E-mail: roger.ganzert[ at ]lappkabel.de

Head of Quality Management

Walter Wörner

Tel: 0711/7838-2063

Fax: 0711/7838-1956

E-Mail: walter.woerner[ at ]lappkabel.de

External services (D):

You can find the contact partner you want on our internet site.


Please give your postcode.


Language to be used for correspondence: German, English

Data exchange/interfaces:

Word, Excel, PDF, CAD product catalogue in DXF 3D and 2D, IGES 3D and 2D, STEP 3D plus AT binary 3D and SAT, Ascii 3D, EDI, csv.


Quality & certification according to:

  • DIN EN ISO 9001
  • KTA 1401 e-on-Kernkraft
  • Atex

You can download certificates from our homepage.



Conditions of delivery: General terms and conditions ( www.lappkabel.de) or. special agreement

Delivery times: On request

Haulier's address (Company): Cordes und Simon

Address of parcel service (Company): DPD

Just-in-time: Yes


Consignment warehouse: Available on request

For further questions about this information from the supplier please contact:

Josef Holz
Executive Vice President
Tel: 0711/7838-2090
Fax: 0711/7838-9660
E-Mail: josef.holz[ at ]lappkabel.de