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The new Lapp printing service has the makings of a championship printing service for all occasions. Make your cables instantly recognisable by marking them with individual text, logos or EAN/barcodes from lengths as short as 100m.

Perfect printing, perfect image!

The new Lapp cable printing service offers many benefits.

Your options are:

  • Individual printing at your request, e.g.  text, company logos or barcodes. 
  • Choose from a range of colours. 
  • For cables with diameters from 1mm to 26mm. 
  • Printing from orders for as little as 100m.

Secure –  individual anti-theft provision

Cables are always getting "lost", particularly when concerts and large events are being set up and taken down. This is very irritating as cables cost money and cannot be recovered quickly. Don't let those "brilliant organisers" get away with it. Individually mark your cables and make them easily recognisable.

Practical –  no more hunting, no more cable spaghetti

It's always a rush, both before and after events. It helps if everything is clear, with individually marked cables. Different colours and texts make it much easier to find and assign cables quickly. This saves time when sorting and prevents mix-ups and errors.

Effective promotion. Demonstrate your expertise down to the last detail

Whether you run a concert hall, organize events or are a musician – everyone is watching your event to see everything go off perfectly. Individually printed and instantly recognisable cables prove your expertise in organisation and efficiency – and simultaneously promote your business. People notice cables printed with your logo and text, giving cables a high recognition value and substantial promotional effect.

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