Specialist Cable Harnessing

Lapp Cable Harnessing

The Lapp Cable Harnessing and Wiring Looms Service allows our customers to utilise our wide range of products. The service enables Lapp to become the sole supplier for all your cabling needs. This will reduce lead time and reduce cost.

Lapp systems brings over 30 years of combined experience, our team of engineers and skilled sales support can provide a turn-key solution to your specific application requirements, from design concept through prototype, production and testing.

Lapp cable harness systems provides customer assistance in the design and cost effective assembly of servo and motor drive cables, wire harnesses, junction and control panels, control panel remote access ports, populated cable track assemblies, switch and emergency stop boxes, and non-standard industrial connector and harness products for special applications.

Not only can we source and produce the complete package, we can also stock the finished goods in preparation for when they are required. Again, helping to reduce the cash flow and stock holdings.


  • Reduce direct and indirect overheads by using an all-in-one provider
  • Decrease lead time to despatch
  • Improvements in quality using a provider with a large range of tooling, resourcing and testing
  • Conformity to IPC standards with IS9001 - 2000 accreditation
  • Lower costs due to economies of scale
  • Reduce stock holding by storing your manufactured goods until project ready
  • 12 - month warranty on manufactured goods (Terms and conditions apply)
  • Technical support services
  • One purchase order, one invoice

The capabilities are endless, from a basic lead to a bespoke wiring loom Lapp is the partner to choose.

Industries Lapp Systems Specializes in:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Drive Engineering
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Automotive (high voltage cabling / hybrid technology)
  • Medical Electronics
  • Robotics
  • Telecommunications
  • Metrology
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Wind Energy
  • Agricultural Technology
  • Stage Technology
  • Military Electronic
  • Aerospace & Aviation

 "Our Customers can expect a fair price, high quality and flexibility from our custom-made services"

- Cable Harnessing Catalogue

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