Commercial vehicles

The commercial vehicle manufacturing industry is finding itself under extreme pressure to maximise efficiency. This is because the market demands optimal solutions for every price – but not at any cost. We are supporting our customers in the commerical vehicle industry to help them fulfil these requirements.

Our goal is not only to offer quality products but also to move forward together with our customers. Within the context of projects and industry-specific requirements, we, together with our customers, are optimising solutions and working towards tailored developments.

The commercial vehicle industry is an important industry for us. We have expanded our specialist expertise in this area and now offer our customers contacts with comprehensive knowledge of the industry.

Useful expertise for manufacturing commercial vehicles

Due to our strict focus on the commercial vehicle sector, we are well-versed in the requirements of the market as well as in the corresponding norms and legislation, such as GGVS / ADR. We are similarly well-versed in the quality requirements and industry trends. We speak their language and understand their needs without having to ask back often.

We work together with you to develop cable solutions which ensure the optimal result for you, whether it be individual products, custom lot sizes, preassembled systems or complete system solutions.

Car manufacturing is nowadays characterised by a global network. Thanks to the global presence of the Lapp Group, we are present wherever we are needed and can guarantee a high manufacturing capacity.

If you have any questions, our employees would be glad to place their substantial industry knowledge at your disposal.