Planning work

Good planning is the best way to ensure an efficient operation. Nevertheless, no planner can know each and every aspect of modern technical components.

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We therefore support your cable technology planning process by offering professional advice and accurate and precise tender specifications. This support is based on our wide-ranging experience with the requirements of all industries which use cables.

A possible outcome:

The customer receives and installs a product which is inadequate or even incorrect and wholly unsuitable. This can result in production stopping or even completely failing in industry, can cause interference and restrictions on communication in the business network as well as generally requiring complex and expensive remedial work to be carried out.

The solution:

Consult our contacts in the early planning stages and take advantage of the support provided by secure planning. Alongside personalised advise, we also offer a wide range of technically qualified tender specifications as well as numerous further documents, such as eCAD Solutions, available for download.

The benefits to you:

As the planner, you can concentrate on the conceptual designs and planning relevant to your work. Routine tasks are minimised and the standard conversion of data and energy transfer is simplified. Qualified tender specifications ensure perfect project planning and engineering.

We supply tender specifications in the following formats:

  • GAEB 90 
  • GAEB 2000 
  • RTF 
  • TXT 
  • Ö-Norm (Austria) 
  • SIA (Switzerland) 

Our specialist advisers would be delighted to answer any queries.