Important changes

Red light for AWM Cables!

NFPA 79, new Edition 2007 expressly does not allow the usage of AWM cables (UL recognized) in industrial machinery. Only machines that are wired with listed cables, suitable for its intended application, will be accepted. For mechanical
and industrial plant engineering companies, this means that they need to make changes in development, planning and production because machinery wiring, that do not conform to the new standard will not be certified for use.

Non compliance to code can result in rejection of machinery or equipment requiring correction via expensive retrofits or remakes. Contractual penalties may also apply. Such mistakes can also damage reputations and confidence in future performance.
The 2007 edition is not compulsory in all parts of the USA. However, this temporary period of limited validity will probably end in 2010.

Caution regarding exceptions!
The new NFPA 2007 Edition includes an exception where the usage of AWM shall be permissible, when it is part of a listed assembly suitable for
the intended application

  • as a integral part of a fully factory wired readymade
    wired sensor/actor box.
  • if the (AWM) cable has been evaluated for external use and is used in a protected raceway,
    Caution: Exceptions should be accepted and authorized by the National Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL) or Authority Having Jurisdiction
    (AHJ). The machine evaluation bears an additional risk of uncertainty during machines evaluation and labeling process. Otherwise, any acceptance problem effects the labeling process, time-wise and cost-wise, often associated with a loss in confidence and reputation as well.

Green light for UL listed cables
Safety first in the process of getting machines labeled. Therefore, we recommend you switch now from AWM cables to listed cables which are suitable for their intended application. Only that way makes the labeling process more safe and reliable. Help needed? No problem! Lapp Kabel,
as your competent partner, offers a lot of listed
cable alternatives, to make your US export business
more safe and easy.

And so that you even easier have it to find the suitable management, you can choose from now on in our cable finder already with the search between "UL listed" and "UL recognised". 

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