Intralogistics v2

Intralogistics is a fast-growing industrial segment that includes a complete system for the distribution and processing of goods in distribution centers and warehouses.

These systems move, lift, cut, weigh, count, pack, label, track, and load all kinds of stored products fully automatically. But none of it can be done without a reliable data network that is able to transmit and process an enormous amount of data.

Intralogistics systems are installed all over the world. All system components must meet local requirements and, in the best case, be locally available to ensure equal quality of system installation, integration, and maintenance.  

Your challenges our solutions

  • Wide range of catalogue components available globally
  • Cable solutions for Cat. 5, 5e, 6, 6a, 7
  • Fiber Optic cables and patchcords
  • Cables for all kinds of movements
  • Various protocol standards e.g. PROFINET, EtherCat
  • Great availability and fast deliveries
  • International approvals

Your industry - your special applications

Connection solutions are our mission