Lapp Kabel and AutoCAD® ecscad

AutoCAD® ecscad is the database-based Autodesk answer to all challenges faced by electrical engineers when planning and documenting electrotechnical plants.

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Alongside comprehensive tools which enable electronic documentation, ranging from motor controllers to complete production plants, to be generated swiftly and accurately, AutoCAD ecscad includes the full functionality of AutoCAD, the world's leading CAD system. Automated generation of plans, individual adaptability and powerful, database-assisted tools help prevent errors at the planning stage and generate the complete set of documentation in one go. AutoCAD ecscad enables manufacturers to respond more swiftly to market trends, enables shorter production cycles and aids the development of improved products.

The latest cable master data can be downloaded from our homepage and imported into your CAD software. Instead of the previous tiresome and time-consuming process of manually entering the cable type and cable designation, a search function can now be called up at the touch of a button so that cable specifications can be rapidly found. This data is stored in the plan. Once the planning is complete, the parts and order list can be selected by pressing another button.

Advantages – benefits for you:

  • Process optimisation during construction and planning.
  • Automation-friendly loading of current product information.
  • Option to print out exact parts lists for cables.
  • Naturally also designed for and compatible with EPLAN.
  • Saves time and therefore reduces cost.
  • Reduces loading and acquisition errors.
autocad thumbTechnical information for AutoCAD® ecscad
(ZIP 3 MB)
Technical data, selection tables and images for importing into AutoCAD® ecscad. Includes import guide.
autocad thumbInstructions for importing data
(PDF 355 KB)