August 2016

February 2015

  • Robotics - Electricity + Control
    From R2-D2 to Artificial Intelligence
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January 2015

    The assumption that hardwiring will minimize wire installation costs turns out to be wrong... Read the attached article to find out more.
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July 2014

    Simplify any product assembly with a custom-designed harness from Lapp Systems.
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July 2012

  • Stuttgart's Oskar Lapp Foundation reinforces its commitment to cardiovascular research
    Oskar Lapp Research Prize 2012 and Oskar Lapp Grant 2012 awarded
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    - Image: prizegiving ceremony

June 2012

  • Stuttgart-based Lapp Group
    Entrepreneur Siegbert Lapp celebrates his 60th birthday
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    - Image: Siegbert Lapp
  • FPE Fischer and Lapp Group: Produkt lines extended
    New connectors and junction boxes from Lapp Group and FPE Fischer
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    - Images: EPIC®_SOLAR_4, FPE_PL_008
  • Innovative connection technology from Lapp and FPE Fischer
    Radical design renders junction boxes redundant
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    - Image: EPIC®_SOLAR_MAP_SET

May 2012

  • Lapp Group & Südwestmetall
    Support scheme for young people with no vocational training

  • Main Lapp Group catalogue 2012 available as an app for the first time
    “The World of Lapp” can now be downloaded for tablet computers
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  • The Lapp Group sponsors a fashion show and blockbuster film with Shah Rukh Khan
    Festival of Animated Film celebrates India
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  • Survey on Open Innovation: Customers Should Be Listened to More
    Faster development and better products: Involving customers strengthens innovation
    doc, chart, Lapp Ideas

April 2012

  • New 2012 main catalogue to appear for Hannover Messe
    Learn about the latest innovations in “The World of Lapp”
    doc, Cover main catalogue
  • Lapp presenting plenty of new ideas at Hannover Messe
    All-round automation programme
    doc, Lapp Ethernet
  • Cooperation between FPE and Lapp gets underway
    A global player in innovative photovoltaic connection technology, concepts and system solutions – new product lines and developments
    doc, EPIC® Solar 4, FPE PL 008

March 2012

January 2012

  • Two major events organized by Honorary Consul of India Andreas Lapp will strengthen ties between Germany and India
    Building bridges between cultures with music and wine
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    - Image Mumbai
  • Innovative cable entry from Lapp Kabel
    SKINTOP® SOLAR with cold shock guarantee
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December 2011

  • Customers to be involved in product development
    Lapp Kabel puts its faith in open innovation
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    - image Mr. Collet
  • Lapp Group at SPS/IPC/DRIVES trade show
    New products for automation and cable carriers
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October 2011

  • Frankfurt Motor Show 2011: Lapp provides secure connections for the Solar Gate with Konarka modules 
    Solar systems as design pieces and architectural components
    image Solargate

September 2011

  • New ÖLFLEX® SERVO FD 796 CP motor cable
    Optimum efficiency in drag chains
    - doc
    - image SERVO
  • Lapp Group presenting a number of innovative ideas at eCarTec
    Charging system with connector and coupler and, for the first time, a networked charging line
    - doc
    - image Lapp HELIX car indoor
  • Lapp Group and FPE Fischer sponsor Sustainable Leutkirch team in WAVE2011 tour
    Twenty teams to drive from Paris to Prague using renewable energy
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    - image Wave team Leutkirch
  • More industrial/technical apprenticeships now offered
    Lapp Group expands apprenticeship programme
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    - image apprenticeship
  • World Premiere: Organic Solar Cells for Building Integrated Photovoltaics
    Bayer Sheet Europe and Bischoff Glastechnik integrate solar cells from Konarka Technologies into building facades – new connection technology from Lapp Group

July 2011

  • Lapp Group launches unique solution for electric vehicles
    LAPP HELIX: an innovative retractable coiled charging cable
    - doc
    - image LAPP HELIX

June 2011

  • Lapp Group and FPE Fischer Collaborating on Connection Systems for the Global Photovoltaic Industry
    Memorandum of understanding (MOU) to enter into a joint venture signed at Intersolar in Munich - Joint development, production and global marketing of new connection systems for photovoltaic modules
    - doc
    - Lapp Kabel and FPE Fischer sign cooperation
  • Lapp Kabel and FPE Fischer present the new EPIC® SOLAR RAZOR junction box at the Intersolar trade fair
    Junction box with a revolutionary concept
    - doc
    - image EPIC® SOLAR RAZOR
  • Intersolar: Lapp Group presents integrated solutions for the industry
    Flexibility in photovoltaics with Lapp
    - doc
    - image EPIC® SOLAR MAP
  • Official launch of Windcluster Baden-Württemberg
    Giving a voice to the wind power industry in the German state of Baden-Württemberg
    - doc
    image Windcluster

May 2011

  • Intersolar: Lapp Group presents integrated solutions for the industry
    Lapp presents junction box for organic solar panels

April 2011

  • Lapp Customized Products
    Unusual Solutions for Extraordinary applications
    - doc
    - Customized Products
  • Lapp Group launches new multi-purpose cable for the solar industry
    Lapp Group expands PV range with new ÖLFLEX® TRAFO cable
    - doc
    - Pholtovoltaic application
  • Innovative die-cast zinc rectangular connector housing
    EPIC® ULTRA for harsh Environments
    - doc
    - Epic Ultra
  • Lapp Group presents innovative charging system for e-mobility
    Refuel with LAPP CHARGE
    - doc
    - Lapp Charge

March 2011

  • Stuttgart’s Lapp Group at the eltefa trade show
    All-purpose Connection Technology
    - doc

February 2011

Press Conference

January 2011

  • Lapp Group launches new multi-purpose cable for the solar industry
    Lapp Group expands PV range with new ÖLFLEX® TRAFO cable

December 2010

  • Bosch and Lapp to carry out Asian pilot project for software-based e-mobility service platform
    Lapp supplies cabling for vehicle charging system in Singapore
    doc jpg

November 2010

  • Lapp Holding AG acquires stake in long-standing distribution partner
    Lapp Southern Africa starts trading
  • First contact made using a 700-metre UNITRONIC® cable
    Lapp Kabel involved in rescue of Chilean miners


September 2010

  • Lapp employees and customers celebrate ÖLFLEX® success story
    ÖLFLEX® cable drum on tour around the world
    doc jpg1 jpg2 jpg3
  • More and more Indian companies looking to settle in Stuttgart
    Further Expansion for Indian Business Center
    doc jpg
  • Meeting the needs of the wind energy industry
    Lapp Kabel – supplying an integrated range of wind energy components
    doc jpg jpg

Press Conference June

June 2010

  • Lapp Kabel presents new product catalogue for renewable energy
    The Green World of Lapp
    doc jpg

  • Lapp Kabel presents comprehensive range of cables for the photovoltaics sector at Intersolar Europe
    ÖLFLEX® SOLAR with aerospace technology
    doc jpg bmp

  • Lapp Kabel presents innovative new solar connector at Intersolar Europe
    More energy with EPIC® SOLAR 4 Thin
    doc jpg

May 2010

  • Ursula Ida Lapp, Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board at Lapp Holding AG
    A remarkable businesswoman turns 80
    doc jpg

  • New Cooperation of the Lapp Group with the CADENAS GmbH
    Design made easy
    doc jpg

April 2010

  • Stuttgart-based Lapp Group unveils initial prototypes compliant with the new VDE standard at the Hanover Fair
    First complete charging system for electric cars
    doc jpg
  • Lapp family presents 2010 Oskar Lapp Research Prize to Stockholm scientist
    Heart muscle cells do regenerate!
    doc jpg

March 2010

  • News from the Lapp Group at Hannover Fair 2010
    A Powerful Foursome – New ÖLFLEX® Products
    doc jpg
  • News from the Lapp Group at Hannover Fair 2010
    SKINTOP® Cable Glands With Flair
    doc jpg
  • Now for the first time with all the news from Hannover Fair 2010
    New Main Catalogue From Lapp With “Eco” Certificate
    doc jpg
  • News from the Lapp Group at Hannover Fair 2010
    An All-round Automation Package
    doc jpg
  • Stuttgart-based Lapp Group holds its own in difficult times. Reduced working time lifted earlier than planned. Focus on new industries.
    Positive result in spite of crisis
February 2010
  • Stuttgart-based Lapp Group on Show at Hanover Fair 2010
    New Location, New Design and Lots of Innovations
    doc jpg

  • Joint Campaign by DKMS Deutsche Knochenmarkspenderdatei (German Bone Marrow Donor Centre) and the Lapp Group/15,000 Euro Donation Handed Over
    Lapp Employees Become Donors
    doc jpg
January 2010
  • Stuttgart Lapp Group developing connection technology for electric and hybrid drives
    Lapp Gets Involved in e-mobility
    doc jpg
  • Honorary Consul Andreas Lapp puts on the sixth “Stuttgart meets Mumbai” wine festival
    Promotion in India - Swabian Style
    doc jpg
November 2009
  • Stuttgart-based Lapp Group presents new multi cable bushing system with variable clamping range
    SKINTOP® CUBE: It Doesn’t Come Any Quicker And Simpler Than This!
    doc jpg

October 2009
  • Stuttgart-based Lapp Group extends its NFPA-conform offer for the North-American market
    ÖLFLEX® CHAIN Power Chain Cable Instead Of Rules & Regulations Maze

August 2009


  • Stuttgart-based Lapp Group extends its product range for sensor/actuator applications
    UNITRONIC® Field Bus Now Active With Gateways!
    doc jpg

July 2009

Press Conference U.I. Lapp GmbH:

  • Headquarters for Research & Development and Patent Management
    Lapp Group: New Think Tank in Switzerland
  • Renewable Energy – What Users Expect from Lapp
    With Special Trucks to The Building Site
  • Renewable Energy – Future Prospects
    When Is The Regenerative Revolution Coming?
  • New Generation of Cables from Lapp Kabel for The Photovoltaic Sector
    ÖLFLEX® SOLAR with Aerospace Technology
  • Schmack Biogas AG Built Europe's Biggest Biogas Plant In Schwandorf
    ÖLFLEX® ROBUST Is Stirring Vigorously Too
  • New Cable with UL Listing from Lapp Kabel
    ÖLFLEX® FORTIS: The Ice Cold Cable for
    Wind Energy


  • Ordering Quicker and More Easily:
    New e-shop at Lapp Kabel

Further Press Information